Julian loves Mario. Mario loves Julian. Janice, Mario’s mother, cannot reconcile her first generation, Catholic upbringing to love all of him. Trouble of the World is in conversation with The Merchant of Venice, where Shylock’s tale is told through the lens of Nema, a wealthy African American attorney, as she seeks justice after Janice, an Afro-Dominicana police officer, kills her son. In a troubled world, what creates a villain? Does Janice have a choice when the nature of her job, distorts not only her view of the world, but also the world’s view of her. Nema understands first hand Janice’s rigid homophobia and sees Janice as a reflection of her former self. Trouble of the World explores classism, colorism, homophobia, and the complexity of the love and loss between two very different mothers. 
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